GLP- and GMP-certified analytics specialist for the pharmaceutical industry

The A&M Group consists of two owner-managed contract research facilities with over 20 years of experience in high-end analytical services. We like to see ourselves as a specialist for tailor-made analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry. The specialisation of the pharma market enables us to offer services that meet the highest requirements set by medical authority. Apart from high quality, we also stand for transparency. We see it as our highest duty to give our clients insight into our internal processes and to notify directly about failures and process changes. We believe that only full openness is the foundation of long lasting and trustworthy partnerships. Furthermore, we constantly invest in state of the art equipment and the education of our employees in order to keep up with the high pace of developments in the field of analytical sciences. This way we can make sure, that we remain to be a competent partner for your analytical requirements.


GLP und GMP zertifizierte Analytikspezialisten