A&M: specialist for bioanalytical contract research (GLP)

Since we at A&M believe in the success of specialists, we have founded two separate companies. Each company is a specialist in its own area of the pharmaceutical developmental work flow.

A&M Labor für Analytik und Metabolismusforschung GmbH is managed by its owners and founders Dr. Axel Römer and Dr. Hartmut Fischer. Both have gained years of experience in research facilities of large pharmaceutical companies, before starting their own business. Our GLP test facility is involved in projects concerning quantitative bioanalysis for pre-clinical and clinical studies since 1990. In the past two decades we have established ourselves as innovative specialists for quantitative mass spectrometry. Apart from our capability to analyse large sample sets from diverse studies with high quality and adherence to timelines, our clients also appreciate our expertise in developing solutions for complex bioanalytical problems. Furthermore, we have over 20 years of experience in the elucidation of drug metabolism. These projects require experienced scientists, regardless of powerful mass spectrometers and sophisticated software solutions.

Our clients recognise us as a contract research laboratory which meets highest quality standards. We see ourselves as specialist for the analysis of complex samples.

Spezialist für bioanalytische