A&M: specialist for pharmaceutical analysis and stability testing (GMP)

Since we at A&M believe in the success of specialists, we have founded two separate companies. Each company is a specialist in its own area of the pharmaceutical developmental work flow.

A&M STABTEST Labor für Analytik und Stabilitätsprüfung GmbH is managed by its owners and founders Dr. Donald N. Dill and Dr. Hans J. Diehl. Before starting their own business, both have gained experiences as heads of central analytics facilities in major pharmaceutical companies. Since 1995, both of our GMP certified facilities in Bergheim (Cologne) and Mainz are recognised as the contract laboratory for pharmaceutical analysis and stability testing in Europe. Our understanding of quality is shared by medical authorities like the US FDA and our clients alike. This is why we have long lasting business partnerships, which date back to the founding days of our company. Together with different clients we are constantly developing and expanding our service portfolio. As a result we have implemented different units within our company specialised in logistics and storage of test samples, analytics of small molecules and biomolecules, mass spectrometry and quality assurance. In total, we employ over 200 specialists with willingness to perform and a high degree of personal responsibility to complete project with highest quality standards in mind.

Our clients view as a reliable contract laboratory, we see ourselves as your extended workbench.

Spezialist FÜR pharmazeutische Analytik und Stabilitätsprüfung (GMP)