Elucidation of drug metabolism (MetID)

The elucidation of drug metabolism requires years of experience. Reliable safety assumptions for a new drug can only be made, if the metabolism of the drug substance is fully understood.

At our company, two scientists with over 25 years of relevant experience are involved in the analysis of metabolisation studies. The execution of MetID-studies requires experience in the analysis of complex samples, e.g. cell preparations and extensive knowledge of mammalian metabolic pathways. The use of accurate mass and high resolution mass spectrometers, like the Orbitrap-technology, enables us to identify most metabolites according to their chemical formula. To support the identification of the “easy” metabolites we use the MetWorksTM software package.

At our test facility we are able to handle radioactive labelled compounds to further facilitate the metabolite identification. Regardless of powerful mass spectrometry instruments or sophisticated software solutions, an experienced scientist is required for a successful MetID-study.

Aufklärung des Wirkstoffmetabolismus (MetID)