Quantitative bioanalysis in complex matrices

The quantitative analysis of drug substances for TK, PK and PD studies, resembles the most complex form of the analysis of compound mixtures. Only with years of experience, it is possible to develop robust quantitative methods to generate reliable data over the course of large scale studies.

We have over 20 years of experience in the development and validation of quantitative mass spectrometry based methods for the quantification of drug substances in complex matrices. During this time we have developed quantitative methods for over 300 drug substances in different body fluids and tissues. We put our extensive experience into practice to develop robust sample preparation procedures and quantitative methods for your compound with strong timeline adherence.

In the past five years we have been repeatedly contracted for projects concerning biopharmaceuticals. With our set of generic methods we are able to quantify human therapeutic antibodies for pre-clinical trials. Our team of dedicated analytical specialist can process and measure over 800 samples daily, on six state of the art triple-quadrupole instruments. We have sufficient capacity to handle samples from large-scale studies.