GMP compliant mass spectrometry for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals

A&M has a known competence in mass spectrometry ever since its foundation in 1990, which is based on constant investments in state of the art equipment as well as the education of our employees.

At the beginning we were only using mass-selective detectors in combination with gas chromatography; now we are applying different powerful mass spectrometers to a wide range of projects. This is why we use ion-trap, time-of-flight (ToF) and orbital-trap mass spectrometers coupled to HPLC- /UPLC- or ion chromatography systems. Our mass spectrometry unit consists of eight highly qualified specialists, of which four are PhD-level scientists.

Mass spectrometry has long gained access to the regulated GMP environment. We offer our clients an exclusive pharmaceutical mass spectrometry service, which has been acknowledged in several authority audits.