Analysis of inhalatives

The pharmaceutical analysis of inhalative dosage forms is very elaborate from an equipment and personnel point of few. This makes outsourcing of this analytics ideal to free internal capacities.

We have established the analysis of inhalative dosage forms in our facility for more than seven years. In cooperation with a long lasting client we have gained comprehensive experience in the analysis of the aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) and delivered dose (DD) for both, dry powder and metered dose inhaler. The analysis is performed on Andersen cascade- and next generation impactors in a dedicated, especially climate controlled laboratory. We have a team of six specialists involved in analysis of inhalative dosage forms. The analysis of inhalative pharmaceuticals is laborious and time consuming and therefore ideal for outsourcing, since it binds personnel and equipment resources. Our clients take advantage of this service as part of the stability testing routine or during drug development.

Analytik von Inhalativa