Drug development supporting analysis

With our drug development supporting analysis service we support our clients in times of capacity shortages and if the required analytical techniques are not established. This also enables us to get an insight into a project early on in development.

For a few clients, we have been providing analytical services to support drug development in a number of projects. The motives for outsourcing analytical services this early on in a project can be diverse. For major pharmaceutical companies, capacity shortages or strategic considerations may play a role. Start-ups and SMEs outsource at his point to acquire analytical know-how or because expensive analytical equipment is required, e.g. mass spectrometry. This form of collaboration requires good communication between both partners, because the analytical data is usually required within days of sample receipt. Therefore, sample shipment on one side and the laboratory on our side need to be coordinated. This guarantees that the outsourcing of drug development supporting analysis becomes a success for both sides.

Entwicklungsbegleitende Analytik