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Extractable & leachable testing

We customize our extractable & leachable concept for your product´s requirements, making sure that the study complies with current Guidelines and Best Practice. The extractable & leachable studies conducted by us – range from the notification of defects, to the complete qualification of packaging materials. The results of these studies have been part of many successful submissions to authorities around the world. We have established an extensive proprietary LC- and GC-MS in-house database for the identification of extractables & leachables, and we also employ experienced staff capable of manually interpreting mass spectra . We work with generic methods, that we can individually adapt to each product – we cover the analysis of highly volatile, volatile and non-volatile organic and inorganic compounds with orthogonal methods and detection techniques. We conduct extractable & leachable studies as a one-stop-shop and are therefore capable of offering the necessary toxicological assessments or syntheses of standards of potential leachables through partners.


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