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Stability storage and logistics

As one of the largest providers of stability testing of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in Europe, we offer extensive capacity for GMP-compliant ICH storage of test items. Our logistics team also has experience with domestic and international shipment of test items, if required.

We have sufficient capacity to store test items for comprehensive registration stability on-site, even at short notice. For temperature controlled shipments we utilise the service of qualified shipment contractors for the safe and seamlessly documented distribution of your samples.

We cover all climatic conditions and temperatures required for both storage and transportation. We offer a total storage volume in excess of 800 m³, with conditions ranging from < -130 °C, the defined ICH conditions at 5 °C and 25 °C/60 % RH, up to high temperatures such as > 60 °C required for stress testing or temperature cycling studies.


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